Inspire Film Festival Bring Films, Hope And Audiences To The Woodlands

inspire-picAs a Texas native I am excited to inform everyone of the Inspire Film Festival 2017 especially since it is right in my back yard, figuratively speaking. Everyone knows of Austin’s annual SXSW Festival and it is exciting to share the film festival love to our neighbors in Houston, the Woodlands to be exact.

The Inspire Film Festival is a four-day cinematic event dedicated to entertaining and inspiring audiences with films and stories that celebrate the human spirit. It is the first festival of it’s kind to feature exclusively films, filmmakers, special guests and performances that celebrate the human spirit.  Given what’s going on in the world I think all of us could use a festival that celebrates the human spirit.

The films for the Inspire Film Festival are selected based on their ability to enlighten as well as entertain audiences, and all are beautifully shot in fascinating locations around the world.  Each screening will be followed by a lively panel discussion with the filmmaker and/or subject of the film, and pass holders will be able to attend a number of informal meet and greet events around The Woodlands. Continue Reading →