Product Review: JETJAT ULTRA Mini Drone

jetjat-collageI feel like 2016 was the year of drones, well at least for me anyhow. They were all over the place during SXSW and ACL festivals in Austin; you could look up and see at least 20 drones. Not to mention I too own a medium sized drone.

Mota sent me their JETJAT ULTRA drone which is the world’s easiest drone to fly. It’s specifically designed for all ages starting at 8 years old for ease of use young or mature. When I got the JETJAT I immediately had to unbox it; who doesn’t like a little drone fun during the work day? I decided I wanted to record the unboxing so everyone could see for themselves how small the JETJAT drone really is.

When you unbox it you will notice that the drone is docked on the remote it comes with which makes it very portable to go anywhere. The JETJAT ULTRA mini drone fits in the palm of your hand with a weight of 7.2 ounces and the dimension of 3.5 x 3.1 x 1.7 inches. It has a 640 x 480 HQ Camera that can record high quality videos and take photos while in the air.

The JETJAT ULTRA drone comes with 4 propellers, Accelerometer and 6-axis Gyroscope, 4 Channel Controller with 3 Speed Modes, and remote with adjustable grips and dock for your smartphone and the  JETJAT ULTRA drone. The  JETJAT ULTRA has a 5 minute air time and can go up to 100 feet. The JETJAT also live streams to your phone, can do aerial flips, and has a powerful thrust coupled with some never before seen new features. The  JETJAT ULTRA also has been integrated with Mota’s latest product, the TAMO C-Future Virtual Reality Headset. In the app simply turn on VR mode and your phone is ready to be placed into the VR headset for virtual flight.

controlAfter unboxing you will need to add AAA batteries and to charge the drone with the USB cable that comes with the drone.  During that time I suggest downloading the JETJAT ULTRA app so you are ready for lift off after its done charging. When the JETJAT ULTRA is finished charging you will need to turn it on and set up the Wi-Fi for it. To set up your Wi-Fi for the drone go to your WiFi settings and there should be an option to connect directly to the drone, note that it must be turned on for your to connect your WiFi to it. Now you’re set for lift off!

To lift off go to the JETJAT ULTRA app and click play once you get to the app. You will be taken to a screen with your menu options up top that include photo, video, playback, speed, gravity, 360 flip, balance, reverse and controls tabs. Below the menu is your flying remote control with VR and the takeoff and landing buttons. This will be used as the remote control for your drone.

Once you’re ready press the takeoff button and your drone will immediately lift up then hover till you start using the controls to fly it. You can also press the takeoff button and throw the drone in the air, it will hover in the air till you start using the controls to navigate it.

When I tested out the JETJAT ULTRA drone it was very easy to lift off and I started recording it as soon as it was in the air. Unfortunately I am a horrible driver to a point where people don’t want me driving them anywhere. I’m also not so great at all the driving video games so I was interested to see how my driving skills were with a drone. As you can see from the videos below I had a few crash landings and finally landed it. It was very easy to fly somewhat except my navigation skill are also not so great so there were a few “”running into the wall” instances. Excuse the mess, I’m decorating for the holidays.

Auto Landing

Crash Landing

I tried the throwing it in the air takeoff and the first 10 times I threw the JETJAT ULTRA it would drop straight to the ground. I also tried the 360 aerial flip which was easier to do vs. throwing it in the air lift off!

All in all it has been fun testing out this tiny little drone. I think it’s perfect for those who like to fly them indoors and for kids due to its ease of use. It starts around $107.00 on Amazon not including shipping. If you would like to purchase the JETJAT ULTRA on Amazon click here and it you want more information about Mota’s JETJAT ULTRA drone click here.

For your entertainment and giggles here is JETJAT ULTRA Save-A-Drone Flight Safety poster and my unboxing blooper. Happy Tuesday Hi-Tech Chic fans!

Mota’s Safety Poster


Without further ado…

Blooper video of unboxing Mota’s JETJAT ULTRA


Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide

As most of you know Mother’s day is this weekend; if you don’t know this is your reminder. If you haven’t bought a gift yet never fear there is still time to order something before the weekend.

To help you all out below is my last minute gift guide for Mother’s day 2016. I also included an international chart of Mother’s day dates at the bottom of this post.

Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt

Active Shirt

Whether she is a new mom or been a mom for a while good sleep is necessary to maintain sanity. The Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt is the perfect gift for the mom who needs to relax and rest. Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt Shirt is the first technology capable of infusing and embedding a recipe of electromagnetic frequencies into fabrics and other materials. The T-shirt is designed to help fight inflammation & pain, improve sleep & help the body. The Active Edge™ Sleep T-Shirt is priced at $64.99 and can be purchased here. Note they also offer overnight shipping and gift wrapping for an extra fee.

Light frame is a great site for personalized or unique gifts for the mom in your life. offers a variety of gifts for different price points to fit any ones budget. One of my favorites is the new Photo Accent Light picture frame which lights up your pictures. Personizing it is pretty simple, customers can upload their own photo and choose black- and-white or color on their site. If you order the gifts today promise delivery by or before Mother’s day. is also offering 25% off today with the promotion code SRCH25GP and free personalization.

Inspired Luxe Jewelry


Inspired Luxe offers different collections of hand-crafted jewelry from artisans around the world. By purchasing Inspired Luxe jewelry customers are helping support different artisans and brands that make a difference in the lives of others and in the communities where they are based. My favorite pieces are the Inspired Luxe Bangles which start at $89.00, the Cuba Collection Bracelet which goes for $250.00 and the Guidemore Runway Collection Frosted Three Strand Necklace which goes for $640.00. They currently only do 2 day USPS Priority shipping so if you are Interested in any of these I suggest purchasing them ASAP.



Recently Misfit announced their collaboration with Swarovski to design an activity tracker while still looking fabulous. Their newest lines are SWAROVSKI ACTIVITY CRYSTAL SLAKE SET which is $169.00 and SWAROVSKI ACTIVITY CRYSTAL VIO PENDANT SET which is $249.00. The fully faceted Swarovski Activity Crystal measures your daily activities and quality of sleep, and syncs wirelessly with your smartphone. They are running a special on their site for Mother’s day till May 8th where you will get 30% OFF by using this code: MISFITMOM.



The Marilyn Monroe – Limited Edition Gift Of Glam set is the perfect gift to make your mom’s feel as glamourous and sexy as Marilyn Monroe. The Marilyn Monroe – Limited Edition Gift Of Glam set comes with 1 Annabel Sunglass in Noir with rose gold metallic crystals by Swarovski® at the hinge, 1 Marilyn Monroe Spas Lipstick-Marilyn Red 03 (.12oz), 1 Marilyn Monroe Spas Nail polish in Marilyn Red (9ml) and 1 Marilyn Monroe Spas Beauty Tote (Gold) all for just $148.00! Make your mom feel glamourous this mother’s day and give her this limited edition gift set. You can purchase the The Marilyn Monroe – Limited Edition Gift Of Glam set on their site here.

Happy Mother’s day and good luck on your last minute shopping!

Mother's day calendar