SOUNDPEATS Unveils Capsule3 Pro Hybrid ANC Wireless Earbuds

SOUNDPEATS, the global audio brand, has launched its new Capsule3 Pro Hi-Res Audio Wireless Certification Hybrid ANC Earbuds. The Capsule3 Pro are the latest addition to SOUNDPEATS lineup of Hi-Res Audio and LDAC Codec Technology. With Capsule3 Pro, listeners can experience a new level of high-fidelity wireless audio and convenience.

The earbuds are lightweight and powerful plus fits comfortably in the ears canals, offering a secure and stable fit. Capsule3 Pro in-ear earbuds deliver high-quality sound with deep bass and clear treble, thanks to its 12mm dynamic drivers and Hybrid active noise cancellation technology.

With up to 52 hours of extraordinarily long battery life and touch control, users can easily manage calls and music without reaching for the phone. With up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, commuters can keep their tunes going all day. Besides, The SOUNDPEATS App also offers more sound effects to choose from.

“SOUNDPEATS has released some excellent true wireless earbuds that manage to punch well above their weight and compete with some of the better-known names on the market,” said Forbes. SOUNDPEATS has worked hard to create wireless earbuds that deliver excellent sound quality at the best cost for consumers, and Capsule3 Pro does just that.

Capsule3 Pro is now available for $48.99 on US Amazon, and you’re welcome to visit it on SOUNDPEATS Website. Don’t miss out on the early bird off on US Amazon, it offers 30% off with a 20% page coupon and an extra 10% discount code to L4YDIYHL.


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