Softwear Reveals New Spring/Summer 2021 Collection

Today, Softwear, the sustainable loungewear brand, announced the launch of its Spring and Summer collection that will comprise of all-new colors and styles for men and women. For this season’s collection, the brand will introduce black, lavender, mint, and orange tie-dye suits, black, powder blue, and solid white suits.

The launch will also include Softwear‘s most anticipated item, Women’s Shorts, available in lavender, black, and mint tie-dye!

“We’ve made a very conscious choice to keep this collection tight. I worked in wholesale for years, and I saw the amount of clothing that went to waste because buyers would go for the same core styles. We created a collection with our customers in mind. We made staple closet items that fit like a glove, last forever, and feel like a cloud,” says Founder Sabrina Zohar.

Sabrina Zoahr founded Softwear in 2018 when she realized there was a void in the market for affordable, comfortable, long-lasting, sustainable loungewear. After working wholesale for high-end contemporary brands, she noticed how brands were overpricing their customers, providing them with low-quality materials, using offshore and unethical manufacturing plants, and damaging the environment with inefficient and wasteful manufacturing processes.

With the inspiration from her loved ones and her drive to break the current fashion norms, Sabrina hit the drawing board.

By using sustainable materials and non-toxic dyes, Sabrina created something soft, simple, and spectacular in its subtlety. A new fabric that never pills, fades, sheds, or shrinks and truly fills a void in the market.

Softwear’s Solids launched started today, May 5, 2021, with powder blue while the white solid and shorts launch on Friday. They will also be restocking the black and navy on Monday. The Tie-dyes are expected to launch the following week. To shop the collection please visit:

To shop the collection please visit:


Source: Softwear, 818agency