Skincare Tech Brand AMIRO Reveals LumoMax LED Facial Beauty Device & S2 SEAL Skin-Tightening Device

LED light facial beauty devices are said to treat acne, regulate natural oil production, stimulate collagen and elastin, and minimize redness and wrinkles. Recently, AMIRO, a leading beauty and skincare tech solution provider, revealed two innovative products of the year: the AMIRO LumoMax LED light facial beauty device and the AMIRO S2 SEAL skin-tightening device.

The AMIRO LumoMax, one of the most user-friendly LED light facial beauty device on the market, delivers three times the energy output of comparable devices yet weighs only a third as much. The AMIRO LumoMax performance is made possible by a unique design featuring 21.5-degree star-cone-shaped reflector cups. This design pushes the boundaries of light therapy energy, delivering an impressive energy output of 177 mW/cm2, while maintaining a lightweight design of just 672g.

In comparison, other devices typically weigh around 1400g and only provide 70mW/cm2 of energy. The LumoMax also offers post-cosmetic surgery care and includes five daily modes – whitening, soothing, acne removal, sleep, and privacy. These modes can be easily activated with a single button.

The AMIRO S2 SEAL, is the upgraded version of AMIRO’s original stamping beauty device, the S1. It offers precise anti-aging treatment through a four-color zoning mask, eliminating the need to switch devices or modes. The S2 boasts the highest energy output and the most light-beads among similar products, doubling the effectiveness.

According to data from SGS, a globally recognized testing, inspection and certification organization, 30 women who used the product for seven days saw a 17.98% reduction in cheek wrinkles, a 24.22% reduction in eye wrinkles, a 12.91% increase in cheek firmness, and a 9.72% increase in skin elasticity.

The S2 also ensures safety with a 0.2mm ultra-thin double NTC sensor, which conducts temperature checks 100 times per second, a 3-second pre-heating technology that intelligently calculates and precisely outputs energy and an axial motion sensor that monitors micrometerlevel motion trajectories.

These two products reflect AMIRO’s commitment to precision skincare. Precision skincare is the cutting-edge application of AMIRO’s deep integration of optoelectronic technology and precision science in the skincare field.

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AMIRO, a beauty and skincare technology brand founded in 2015, has been delivering joy and harmony through its technologically advanced home beauty and personal care electronic products. With over 38 international design awards, AMIRO is your trusted skincare partner that offers portable, short-acting, and long-lasting solutions to improve skincare efficiency.

Upholding the idea of “Revitalize beauty through science”, AMIRO’s products are designed to be affordable, high-quality, and supported by clinical data. With a commitment to sustainability and innovation and a vision of becoming the world’s leading precision skincare group, AMIRO is dedicated to providing skincare solutions that make women of all ages feel confident and beautiful.


Source: Amiro