Raisa Vanessa Presents Live Video of Fall/Winter 2023 “Checkmate” Collection at NYFW

Raisa Vanessa, a women’s luxury clothing brand created by twin sisters Raisa and Vanessa Sason, presented their Fall/ Winter 2023 “Checkmate” collection at New York Fashion Week as a live video presentation. Presented as a live video, Check Mate, embraces individuality & uniqueness, inviting the wearer to feel empowered and break out of the norm, establishing their own rules in the art of dressing.

Raisa Vanessa’s maximalist pieces throughout the collection provoke your true self to come out. In the set, the motif of a chessboard is used to play with the concept of authority & mystery, creating paths towards freedom & confidence to those who seek it. 

For this collection the twins wanted to create a surreal world. Vintage architectural works and industrial design products inspired them. The color transitions and tones that complement each in nature inspired the fabrics and patterns. The roses and sharp figures are indispensable this season. Like seen in other seasons – flared pants, mini skirts and high-heeled shoes inspired from the 80s are becoming an emerging staple for the brand.

The collection searches for the desired ideals to be obtained without fear, adopting femininity and breaking the stereotypes attributed to women. As women shine, our surroundings will also shine and every step they take will be solidified with a self-confidence that radiates.

About Raisa Vanessa

Raisa vanessa was created by twin sisters Raisa & Vanessa Sason in 2011 with the intention of developing a Modern and empowering brand for women, by women. Articles of Raisa Vanessa pret-a-porter & haute couture Collections are brought to life in Istanbul, Turkey and are made available to purchase via Raisa Vanessa showroom, multi-brand Luxury boutiques and department stores in sixteen countries across the world. Raisa Vanessa collections showcase the sister’s sartorial taste through mixing and matching fabrics and styles conventionally to create a fusion of maximalist, dimensional yet sexy designs. To learn more visit: https://raisavanessa.com/.


Source: Raisa Vanessa