Product Review: Keebos Crossbody Cases

After the COVID-19 pandemic we are socially aware of what we touch and what germs we may encounter just going to the grocery store. Keebos Crossbody Phone Cases are the perfect cases for those wanting to just take their phone and credit cards on their outing whether it’s just to walk your dog or go on a walk yourself. In a world when touchless delivery and purchasing is the new norm the Keebos Crossbody Case may be your best bet in keeping as germ-free as you can while accessing your phone and credit cards.

Keebos REVIEW:

Recently, Keebos sent me their Crossbody Phone Case Necklace in Flower Pink to Review. Once I received the Crossbody Phone Case Necklace for my iPhone 11 Pro Max I immediately unboxed it to find a lightweight case with a brightly pink adjustable rope.

The adjustable length for the Keebos is great as you can wear it as a crossbody phone case or as a necklace. Another perk of the case was the cardholder pouch for credit cards & cash, key when working out or running errands.

The case fit my iPhone perfectly with no problems and I automatically populated the case with my ID, credit card and building key fob.

Once I put on the case I was on my way to my 3 miles social distancing work out. When I first got the Keebos case, I honestly thought I wouldn’t like the rope considering it seemed rather thick. After my first mile, the rope proved me wrong, in fact, I was sweating, and it didn’t chafe my neck at all.

During my workout, I also tried taking pictures with the Keebos case on to see how easy it would be and had no problems. I have to be honest, this case is now my go-to when I need to make an essentials store run, walk my dog or go on my social distancing workouts.

Below are the full product details:

  • Size/ Rope: Keebos comes with an easily adjustable cord for classic crossbody or as an necklace
  • Cord: The premium cord is made with a strong, reinforced core so you never have to worry about it tearing apart. The smooth, luxurious feel of the plush fibers is comfortable even on sensitive skin.
  • Card Pocket/ Wallet: The convenient card pocket on the Keebos’ rear side is sealable and oriented sideways, so your cards are safe and secure. 
  • Finger Grip Loop: On the Keebos cardholder, you’ll also find an elastic strap carefully crafted to help you grip your smartphone. This is especially useful for bigger phones, which are tricky to hold in one hand when taking photos or typing.
  • Durable Case: Keebos’ 4-corner bumper protection absorbs shocks and impacts to your phone. The case even features a unique, 3mm raised lip to protect your front screen and camera. 

One Keebos Purchased = One Tree Planted

For each Keebos purchased, Keebo’s help plant a tree through their partner organization One Tree Planted. A 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Organization. Keebos strongly believe that individuals and businesses can do their part to help protect and preserve the environment. With their One-for-One program they aim to do their part to protect our planet. With your support for reforestation, we can accomplish six significant environmental impacts: Air, Water, Biodiversity, Social Impact, Health and Climate.

Keebos iPhone Necklace Cases / Crossbody Phone Cases are available for all iPhones: iPhone 6,  iPhone 6 Plus,  iPhone 7,  iPhone 7 Plus,  iPhone 8,  iPhone 8 Plus,  iPhone X/XS,  iPhone X Max,  iPhone Xr, iPhone 11 Pro, Samsung S9, Samsung S9 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10, Samsung Galaxy S10E. Click here to see other phone necklace colors.

Keebos’ cross body cases start around $28.95 and can be purchased here: For information about Keebos please visit:


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