Product Review: Coral UV 2 Sanitizer

The Coral UV 2 Sanitizer with eco-friendly UV-C LED technology is the world’s first UV multitask device that sanitizes, filtrates, and smart-dries, all-in-one. While most sanitizers just sanitize, the Coral UV 2 eliminates the harmful contaminants completely and is reinforced to provide dual layers of protection for the user.

In just 10 minutes, the device kills up to 99.9% of harmful germs by using 12mw LED lights that are SIX times more powerful than any other LED sanitizers. Furthermore, the Coral UV 2 captures 99% of airborne contaminants such as dirt, dust and vapor, ensuring that only clean air enters the sanitizer.

The Coral UV 2 can be used to sanitize your daily items like a wallet, keys, phone, mask, desk accessories, small electronics and more. It comes with a wire chamber for your smaller items that need to be sanitized. The smart-dry feature dries washable items such as: baby bottles, CPAP masks, and toys. The dryer ensures a safe temperature that reaches up to 140F/60C to dry without damaging your belongings.

Coral UV 2 Product Review:

We recently received the Coral UV 2 Sanitizer to review just before the Kickstarter Campaign was launched on April 7, 2021. The Coral comes with the sanitizer/dryer device, 3 HEPA Filters, wire basket and the user manual. On top of the device you will find the control panel that includes On/Off, Sanitize + Dry, Sanitize Only, and 24-Hour Storage plus a LED screen that indicates time.

The “Sanitize + Dry” function sanitizes within the first 10 minutes, followed by a drying cycle for a specific time. With the “Sanitize Only” function, the setting runs with UV lights only and is recommended for items that cannot be washed or need to be dried. For the “24-Hour Storage” function, the setting runs a 50 minutes “Sanitize + Dry” cycle followed by a 2 minute “Sanitize only” cycle every 2 hours for the next 24 hours.


To get started with the Coral UV 2 and before starting the first sanitize cycle I needed to follow the below steps:

  1. Use a damp cloth and gently wipe the chamber.
  2. Use a dry cloth to ensure there are no water droplets remaining.
  3. Securely close the lid and press the power button to start.
  4. Run an empty sanitizer + dry cycle for 70 minutes.

Please note before placing items in the Coral chamber to start your first cycle you must follow these rules:

  • Remove all lids and separate all parts of the products
  • Remove excess water from all objects
  • All openings must be facing up or sideways
  • Ensure there is adequate spacing between objects
  • Flip large items and repeat the cycle to sanitize other sides

First Cycle “Sanitize Only”

Next, it was time to start my first sanitize cycle, again, I followed the below steps first by using the “Sanitize only” function.

  1. Place items in the Coral that only need to be sanitized and not dried.
  2. Securely close the lid and press the power button to start.
  3. Press one of the functions located on the control panel. For this demo I chose “Sanitize Only.”
  4. The button and the number of 10, 15 or 20 minutes will blink on the display.
  5. Continue pressing the function button until you reach the desired number of minutes.
  6. Stop pressing the button and wait for the timer to sop blinking.
  7. The cycle will start and run for the specified time.

In this demo I used my Amazon Luna controller, Amazon Fire Stick, 1More ComfoBuds, Samsung Smartphone, car keys and sunglasses to fill the Coral.

Santize + Dry

When using the “Sanitize + Dry” function you follow the above steps but instead choose the “Sanitize + Dry” button and choose between 40, 50, 60 and 70 minutes. In this demo I used 12 empty canning jars since I make homemade jam!

24-Hour Storage

The same goes for the 24-hour storage function but instead choosing the “24-Hour Storage” button. In this function you only have one time to pick from (50 minutes “Sanitize + Dry” cycle followed by a 2 minute “Sanitize only” cycle).

Filter Replacement

The Coral comes with three replacement HEPA Filters. To remove the filter, simply twist the arrow to the unlocked position with a coin or a flat object. To secure the filter, twist the arrow to point towards the locked position. *Child-proof filter locks prevents the little ones from accidentally opening the filter. 

Given the need to sanitize everything now more than ever, the Coral UV 2 is a great buy for families and busy homes, especially while most of us are still working from home! I especially recommend this products for new moms needing to sanitize baby bottles on the regular.

As stated above the Coral UV 2 was launched on Kickstarter with a $5,000 goal to be fulfilled by May 12, 2021 and an early bird special of $119.00. To back the campaign, please visit:

The Coral UV 2 will be available for purchase online at and Amazon in June. For more information about Coral UV, please visit:  


Source: Coral UV