Press Release: New Art & Fashion Coloring Books from Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Cocteau

Coloring Books

One of the things my niece likes to do is color and as an adult those coloring books are no fun. Recently adult colouring books have become very popular and the industry continues to expand. Arsenal Pulp Press has announced two new adult colouring books for enthusiast of French fashion, art and film. The fashion colouring books are inspired by two French icons: fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent and playwright and filmmaker Jean Cocteau.

If you are either pursuing fashion, a mom (or aunt) who likes to color with your daughter (or niece) or an artist these colouring books are breathe of fresh air. In fact I think these both would be cute mother’s day presents if paired with Staedtler Triangular colored pencils that can be found here.

I’m requesting samples of both colouring books so I can do a review to let you guys know what I think along with pages I coloured. Hopefully Staedtler will send me some colored pencils as well so I have the full colouring experience. (wink wink).

Below is more information about the Yves Saint Laurent and Jean Cocteau colouring books provided by Arsenal Pulp Press. Also, if you are interested in purchasing the Jean Cocteau colouring book click here and if you want to purchase the Yves Saint Laurent colouring book click here.

Yves Saint Laurent


This elegant, imaginative colouring books explores the dynamic, fanciful creations of iconic fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, who headed the House of Dior at the age of twenty-one before launching his own design house at age twenty-five. He became famous for the “beatnik” look in the ’60s, as well as for creating the tuxedo suit for women, and his extraordinary life was the subject of a recent feature film, Saint Laurent.

The book’s line drawings for colouring are based on many of the designer’s original sketches for dresses over the years, accompanied by full-colour photos of the dresses for reference. In these pages, one can see the breadth and versatility of his creations; there are designs inspired by harlequins and the Carnival of Venice, Pop Art and Mondrian, and the cultures of Asia, Africa, and beyond. Colourists will in turn be inspired to match Saint Laurent’s vivid creations, or to create chic new colour combinations of their own.

The Yves Saint Laurent Coloring Book is for fashionistas, colouring books enthusiasts, and others with an interest in the history of fashion and in the life of this extraordinary designer.

Jean Cocteau


In this lavish colouring book for adults, the fanciful, elegant world of artist, playwright, and filmmaker Jean Cocteau comes alive. As a playwright, he is best known for The Human Voice (1930); as a filmmaker, for directing Beauty and the Beast (1946) and Orpheus (1948). In the 1910s, he was a prominent member of the Paris avant-garde, forming friendships and professional relationships with Picasso, Stravinsky, Gide, Proust, and Apollinaire. His paintings and graphic art were playful, fantastical expressions, exploring mythological themes and subjects, personal portraits, and domestic scenes.

This colouring book includes many of Jean Cocteau‘s graphic drawings ready to be coloured in, alongside original illustrations for reference. It also includes images from the original film poster for Beauty and the Beast, playful doodles that Cocteau included in written letters to his lover Jean Marais, and drawings of Parisien women, cats, sleeping figures, circus performers, and other figures emanating from Cocteau’s imagination.

The Jean Cocteau Colouring Book is a captivating activity book for adults that also serves as a primer on the work of this inspiring artist.