Pale Blue Smart Battery Product Review

In the United States alone, Americans throw away 10 Million batteries every day even though nearly 90 percent of all lead-acid batteries can be recycled. Twenty-three years ago, the 1996 Federal Mercury-Containing and Rechargeable Battery Act was passed to facilitate the recycling of nickel-cadmium and certain small sealed lead-acid rechargeable batteries, yet we are still being wasteful with batteries! Introducing Pale Blue USB rechargeable smart batteries, the world’s first Lithium Polymer battery technology (LiPo) with an onboard micro-USB port.

LiPo is a type of Lithium Ion battery who’s electrode is made of a polymer instead of a liquid. LiPo batteries provide a number of performance improvements over traditional rechargeable batteries. In fact, one pack of Pale Blue USB rechargeable lithium cell batteries can replace up to 4,000 alkaline batteries.

Pale Blue batteries come with a built-In LED charging indicator and charging time is roughly under 1 hour for AAA’s and under 2 hours to charge the AA’s batteries. Pale Blue batteries have a micro-USB port right on the battery and comes with a 4 ended micro-USB cable. With the advanced LiPo technology, Pale Blue batteries will last over one thousand charges.

Pale Blue Smart Batteries Product Review:

We received the Pale Blue AA and AAA batteries to test out which was a smart battery Hi-Tech Chic product review first! Both packs came with 4 batteries that were fully charged and 4 ended micro-USB cable.

After unboxing I immediately starting trading out the alkaline batteries with the Pale Blue batteries. After using them for the first time I did notice a small change in battery performance vs. previous alkaline batteries.

Throughout the years, rechargeable batteries haven’t had the best performance track record so I had my concerns but no concerns were needed. There was no lack of performance vs. alkaline batteries, in fact, even slightly more powerful. Even though all batteries were mostly charged I did test out charging all four batteries to check out the LED light and if the cord could charge all four batteries, to which it did flawlessly.

Overall this experience and the environmental information I learned while reviewing the Pale Blue batteries have made me want to make a full switch to LiPo rechargeable smart batteries.

Through their Indiegogo campaign, you can purchase AAA 4 Pack at $28 USD $30 (6% OFF) and AA 4 Pack at $32 USD $35 (8% OFF) with estimated shipping on December 2019. Just in time for the holidays! To purchase Pale Blue batteries or back their campaigns please click here.

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