Our First Woman of the Month: E.G. Daily

Woman of the MonthDaily 2I’m excited to announce we finally have our very first Woman of the Month and it’s Ms. E.G. Daily. E.G. Daily has a very long list of accomplishments that would make any one blush. E.G. has crossed over all lines of the entertainment business with her acting, singing, voice over work and now in the tech world with her Amazon downloadable seminar.

The reason we nominated E.G. is that she is an iconic actress whose known from her roles in Valley Girl, Better off Dead and Pee-wee’s Big Adventure as Dottie to her voice over career as Tommy Pickles in Rugrats to most recently her beautiful rendition of Faith Hill’s “Breathe” on the reality show the Voice, and now her newest movie for Rob Zombie‘s 31 where she was casted to portray Sex-Head that will be released in 2016. To see my complete interview of E.G. along with videos from many of her roles click here.

Congratulations E.G. for all your achievements and being our very first woman of the month!