Nokia Unveils Short Moving Stories for Valentine’s Day 2021

In a new campaign by HMD Global, the home of Nokia phones, poets, authors and writers from around the world have come together to create a series of messages to help spread love and optimism in challenging times, ahead of Valentine’s Day. Poets from Europe, a children’s author from India, an outdoor positive enthusiast from Russia and a Happiness Coach from South America have joined forces to curate fifteen original, and iconic, positive stories of love, friendship, community, work, hope and family.

The stories were commissioned on behalf of Nokia phones, and have been created and designed to be shared with loved ones as Short Moving Stories – short, text-able messages of hope and inspiration.

A Short Moving Story (SMS) on community and friendship from George the Poet in Europe:

My community is my thinking space, my breathing space,
I could never fully leave this place. To
All of the children – especially you.
We’re connected by spirit; my lyrics won’t ever leave you. Just the thought of missing out on everyone’s lives makes me
Cherish every sunset, and every sunrise

It comes after a year in which people worldwide have learnt to slow down and find new ways to stay in touch and connect with their lives and loved ones through their phones.

The stories are all available to read, download or share for free at and form part of an effort to spread hope and positivity.

The Panel of Positivity includes:

  • Multi-award winning George the Poet, an author, rapper, spoken word performer who opened the Royal wedding with a poem about Union in 2018
  • James McInerney (UK) whose Poetry Project first put positive messages across the London Underground network in 2018
  • India’s best and most-read author, Ruskin Bond, winner of Tata Literature Live! Lifetime Achievement Award in 2020 always tries to strike a positive note when writing for children
  • George Kagwe (Kenya) is a content creator and comedian from Nairobi
  • Alina Balashova (Russia) – Snowboarder and outdoor enthusiast who believes in no bad days, and keeping active to stay positive
  • Juan Pablo Gaviria (Bogotá, Colombia) an author, influencer, conferencist and coach who defines himself as a Happiness Manager

The Short Moving Stories are part of a wider ongoing initiative to recognize Nokia phones as trusted, secure and built to last.  The idea taps into its roots as Nokia phones were developed in Finland – the happiest country in the world – in a bid to spread joy and positivity across the world.

Short Moving Stories from the Global Panel of Positivity:

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Source: Nokia