Morpher Folding Helmet: The Space Saving Helmet for Commuters and Travelers

Wearing a helmet while riding can save your life, in fact, one global study found that wearing a helmet reduces the risk of major head injuries by nearly 70%. Morpher, the multi-award-winning flat-folding bike helmet was invented to encourage more people, particularly those that ride for commuting, leisure or sightseeing, to wear head protection and improve their safety on the streets.

Morpher is ideal for cyclists because once you get off the bike (or scooter or skateboard), the helmet folds flat, and can be stored into a backpack or handbag until needed. Despite the growing awareness around cycling and scooting safety, the fact remains that rigid helmets take up a lot of space when not being worn which puts people off wearing them and puts them at risk from an avoidable serious head injury or worse. It’s a true fact that 93% of fatal bike accidents helmets were not being worn.

A Morpher helmet comes in handy when you are flying, don’t want to check luggage, and have limited space in your carry-on bag. If you use an urban bike-sharing scheme it’s really convenient to be able to tuck a helmet into a small shoulder bag, rucksack before and after you cycle. Perfect for city sightseeing tours and if you’re on a cycling touring road trip a Morpher will take up less space in a packed car or RV.

According to one study, only 29% of American adult cyclists say they always wear a helmet, while another 15% say they wear one occasionally. As the numbers of e-scooter riders and e-bike riders sharing networks explode across the country, a Morpher is the perfect for commuters to stash in their bags and keep them safe on the streets.

Morpher is available in Matt Black, Shiny Black, Stunning Silver, Sunshine Yellow, Gunmetal Grey, Snowy White and Regal Red. The helmet retails for $149.00 available from