MindTravel & Rowing Dock Host Live-to-Headphones Piano Concert + SilentPaddle on Lady Bird Lake

Right in time for Spring Break 2020, MindTravel and Rowing Dock will be hosting the FIRST EVER Live-to-Headphones ‘Silent’ Concert on Lady Bird Lake in Austin, Texas on March 15th. Attendees from all over Austin will be experiencing a musical journey into mindfulness crafted and led by composer and pianist Murray Hidary. This unique experience combines the joy of gliding along the water in comfortable kayaks and canoes with an immersive musical journey created in real-time and delivered through headphones. 

The MindTravel experience begins with a short introduction and intention-setting at Rowing Dock. Directly following, the group will embark on an easy, 1-mile guided paddle, with the natural beauty of Austin’s hike-and-bike trail and the city’s skyline as the backdrop. As the journey unfolds, Murray will take the MindTravelers on a peaceful, transformative musical journey, crafted in real-time from a grand piano floating in the middle of the lake!

If your curious what a Mindtravel experience is like, here’s a glimpse of their past MindTravel Silent Hike:

At the event, attendees will have the opportunity to contribute to The MindTravel Foundation or to purchase MindTravel Music to help support our continued commitment to bringing free and low-cost music experience to communities across the globe. 

Here’s the link to the event with all the details (location, what to expect, etc): https://www.eventbrite.com/e/live-to-headphones-piano-concert-silentpaddle-on-lady-bird-lake-tickets-93640542383.

For more information about MindTravel please visit: https://www.mindtravel.com/. For more information about Rowing Dock please visit: https://www.rowingdock.com/.

More information about MindTravel:

Last summer, people all over America took musical trips into mindfulness.  But not just in a quiet space at home alone. They took to beaches, bridges, gardens, and museums to find purpose and connection within a community of like-minded people, all thanks to MindTravel experiences created by composer, concert pianist and meditation expert Murray Hidary. This March kicks off the 70-City MindTravel SilentHike Tour Across North America in 2020.

MindTravel is a transformative musical meditation most often practiced in motion. During the sessions, MindTravelers will wear wireless headphones and embark on a journey with musical and verbal guidance from Hidary. All the components – music, words, silence, visual cues – work synergistically to help participants connect with themselves and the world around them. See Hidary’s recent appearance on TV’s “The Doctors” here:  https://www.thedoctorstv.com/articles/can-being-out-in-nature-help-with-grief.


Source: MindTravel, Rowing Dock