Maje and Sandro Fashion Brand to Open New Boutiques in Houston and Austin

On November 15th Maje and Sandro fashion brands will be opening of their newest Texas boutiques at The Galleria in Houston and The Domain in Austin, Texas. Both brands offer a unique shopping experience at the Galleria and the Domain malls. The Maje and Sandro boutiques both feature their fall/winter 2018 collections with unique and hip jackets and winter fashion. Below are the specifics for both Maje and Sandro’s new boutiques.

Maje’s New Boutiques

The Maje Galleria boutique in Houston features Carrera marble in its 1,710 square foot location on the ground level of The Galleria Mall and the Maje Domain boutique is 1,280 square feet. They will also feature Brass fixtures, real gold leaf wall perimeter feature, felt fabric wall covering and suspended mannequins with strong accessories focus. The new Maje boutiques offers a luxury shopping experience with personalized styling appointments and exclusive VIP events with early access.

Maje new boutiques feature their fall/winter 2018 collection, which is a clash of influences and moods. Standout pieces include the check overshirt; corduroy becomes almost sexy in a blazer with a 70s inspired collar paired with micro-shorts. Natural materials are combined with faux fur. Knitwear is omnipresent, along with ski pullovers, graphic stripes, a knowing tribute to motorcycle sweaters and mottled wool.

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Sandro’s New Boutiques

The Sandro Galleria boutique is 2,323 square foot located on the ground level of The Galleria Mall and the Sandro Domain boutique is 1,826 square feet. Both boutiques feature Onyx marble fixtures, travertine stone storefronts, and a strong focus on accessories with illuminated travertine shelving.

Sandro’s new boutiques offer the fall/winter 2018 women’s collection, which includes checked jacket/skirt and trench/trouser combinations recalling the traditional spirit of tailors across the Channel. Duke of Windsor tartan patterns show off a kind of British nonchalance with lace and pearls accents. The Fall/Winter 2018 Sandro Homme collection combines sophisticated formalism and minimalist streetwear.

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Source: Maje, Sandro