LifeEar CORE Hearing Aids: The First Able to be Programmed From a Smartphone

Currently, most hearing impaired consumers cannot afford the average $2,300-per-ear of conventional hearing aids that aren’t covered by Medicare or insurance policies. Due to the 2017 Over the Counter Hearing Aid Act consumers with mild to moderate hearing loss can buy cheaper devices without seeing a hearing professional.

Introducing the new LifeEar CORE hearing aids, an inexpensive high-tech solution for those that are hearing impaired. The new LifeEar CORE drastically less expensive at $799 per hearing aid or $1599 per pair. The LifeEar CORE hearing aids have dual microphones that automatically adapt to your surroundings. They are designed for all-day comfort with anatomically shaped ear tips and it’s dimensions of 1.375” x 0.25” x 0.5”. LifeEar CORE hearing aids have four program settings and adaptive technology that allows consumers to communicate with ease. They accommodate hearing loss ranging from mild to moderately-severe which is a great feature for those that may be gradually using their hearing. Another great feature of the LifeEar CORE hearing aids is that the approximate battery life is between 4-8 days.

The LifeEar CORE hearing aids are the first that can be both programmed and fine-tuned with a mobile app. There is no appointment needed and consumers can use their smartphones to:

  • Create a personal hearing profile based on their ability to hear a series of tones.
  • Automatically program their optimal settings, using a National Acoustic Laboratories algorithm that considers the hearing profile as well as the user’s age and gender
  • Fine-tune the Quiet, Conversation and Restaurant programs, using an advanced settings option to change the amount of noise reduction, sound directionality and amplification of different frequencies for each of those programs individually
  • Discreetly change volume or program mode, enabling easier and less conspicuous adjustments than using the small buttons on the hearing aid

Below is what included in the box:

  • The Hearing Aid (that is ready to put onto your ear)
  • Free and easy to use App
  • Open and Closed ComfortTIPs™
  • Thin Tubing and 13PLUS Tubing with Earhooks
  • Cleaning Tool
  • Carrying Case
  • Free Shipping in the US

A pair of the LifeEar CORE comes with extras worth $200 that include:

  • MDShield™ Protection Plan
  • Years Supply of Batteries

The LifeEar CORE hearing aids are $799.00 a piece or $1,599.00 for the pair. You can also do a monthly payment plan of $67.00 a month for one hearing aid or $134.00 for the pair. For more information about LifeEar CORE hearing aids or to purchase them click here.


Source: LifeEar CORE