Kool Wheel Launches the L8 Electric Scooter and D3M Electric Skateboard

Throughout the years electronic transportation has become an eco-friendly alternative with increasing pressure to limit the carbon footprints and emissions by 2025. KoolWheel just launched their newest electric skateboard and electric scooter. Below are specs and more information about the L8 electric scooter and the D3M longboard electric skateboard from KoolWheel.

Koowheel D3M Longboard Electric Skateboard with Bluetooth remote control


In the past sixty years, we have moved from roller-skates screwed into a wooden plank, to efficient wooden boards, to gas-powered boards, to wireless electric skateboards. Did you know that global annual sales of electric bikes top $16 billion, while sales of self-balancing scooters, or hoverboards, approach $2 billion. The electric skateboard market could soon rival that of hoverboards.

KoolWheel just launched their newest electric skateboard, the D3M Longboard. Below are the features of the new D3M electric skateboard:


  • Elastic structure to prevent the battery and electronic components from being damaged when the board is bent;
  • Dual Brushless Hub-Motors;
  • Smart chip to avoid sudden acceleration or sudden brake, safe;
  • Replaceable battery pack, 2pcs battery packs can last 60km, go longer;
  • Normal speed 30km/h, top speed 45km/h, go faster;
  • Real-time monitoring the motor temperature, protect the motors intelligently;
  • UL2272 and ASTM certificates.

For more information about the D3M electric skateboard click here.

Koowheel Patent Innovative Fashionable Design Electric Scooter L8

The global electric scooters market size was valued at USD 14.8 billion in 2015. It is predicted that E-scooter sales will reach 6 million by 2023. As you can see the electric scooter won’t be going away any time soon.

KoolWheel also launched their new electric scooter, the L8 foldable electric scooter. Below are the features for the L8.


  • Patent Innovative fashionable cool design;
  • Light but energetic;
  • Various types of headlamps and special tail lamp;
  • LED display screen entirely show the battery and speed;
  • Black Tech smart starting when push speed reach 3km/h;
  • Super shock absorption with 8inch rubber pneumatic tire;
  • Vibration Energy Dissipation Design
  • Folded & carry easily.

For more information or to purchase the L8 Foldable Electric Scooter click here. For more information about KoolWheel click here.


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