Kids Can Now Shop Online Safely with CAMP’s Present Shop E-Commerce Platform

Most of us have heard the story about the boy who, unbeknownst to his parents, ordered over $2,000 worth of unreturnable SpongeBob SquarePants popsicles on Amazon. CAMP, a Family Experience Company, has launched Present Shop, the first e-commerce platform where kids can safely shop online so that situation does not happen to parents in the future.  

With Present Shop, kids ages 3-12, can now discover, choose and send the perfect gift directly to parents, teachers or friends on any occasion. Additionally, parents can allow kids to shop for themselves as a reward for things like doing their chores, getting good grades, or for being awesome.

To do so, parents set up a one-time use code for kids to have their own shopping adventure. Present Shop is Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) compliant and empowers kids to understand the value of their choices.

How Present Shop Works:
  • A parent or guardian visits to choose the event, budget, shipping and payment information.
  • Kids are given a unique one-time code to enter Present Shop and start their shopping.
  • The parents’ budget is converted into digital “coins” and kids enter in a game-like interface allowing them to pick out presents until they are out of coins.
  • CAMP’s animated mascot, Scout, guides kids through the shopping experience safely and securely with a series of visual and audio cues.
  • It’s not a present without a card! Kids also design a greeting card which will be printed and packed in a custom gift box that is shipped directly to the recipient.

This new e-commerce platform provides a safe and modern-day shopping experience for kids while also allowing parents to save time and money. Present Shop shifts this responsibility from parents into a fun-filled adventure for kids.

Parents can explore CAMP’s Present Shop on


CAMP is a Family Experience Company that helps answer the question “What should we do today?” through a unique combination of Retail & Media. Launched in December of 2018, CAMP operates five retail locations in New York, Texas and Connecticut and serves families everywhere via its digital platforms. Please visit for more information.


Source: CAMP