Jigsaw Anti-Superficial Dating App Launches in Austin, Texas

Let’s be honest, currently in this pandemic singles have currently been relying on dating apps but how do you choose which is right for you when there are SO many out there. Jigsaw, the dating app that empowers people to put their personality first and be their true selves, has now launched in Austin, Texas.

Jigsaw is the only dating app that both, covers peoples’ faces and calls out the harmful nature of the way dating apps make people feel, and it’s on a mission to save singles from superficial dating. They are committed to providing a platform for people who want dating with character and conversation.

Jigsaw Platform Features Include:

  • Digital jigsaw puzzle overlaid on users’ faces that disappear the more they chat
  • Banning of up-close selfies and filters 
  • No information on physical appearances (height, body shape, ethnicity) is requested
  • Instead users are asked to describe themselves and what they enjoy doing
  • Users can choose to have their profile authenticated by a real human to minimize catfishing
  • App blocks progress if profile has limited amount of personal information

After launching in New York during November 2020, Jigsaw accumulated a community of over 10,000 singles in less than one month. The company has goals to attract and empower 100,000 singles to date differently by March 2021.

Jigsaw is free to download from the App Store and Google Play in New York, London and now in Austin, Texas. To learn more about Jigsaw please visit: https://jigsaw.co/about.

About Jigsaw: 

Jigsaw is a dating app for people who want dating with character and conversation, not fakes and filters. It has one clear mission: to save singles from superficial dating. Jigsaw was founded in Leeds, England, in 2016, by Alex Durrant (CEO) and Max Adamski (Chief Product Officer) and has since become one of the fastest growing dating apps in the UK. Since inception, the company has raised over $4.7m in funding. The revolutionary dating app launched into the United States, in New York City, October 2020, followed by 20 other metropolitan cities before the end of the year.


Source: Jigsaw