Introducing MISS SWISS: The Multi-Function Makeup Case

Let’s be honest, applying makeup on the go is a challenge, especially if you are in flight, in the back seat of a taxi or touching up between meetings. MISS SWISS is a multi-functional hard shell makeup case with individual holders to prevent makeup spillage.

A major reason for makeup spillage is due to friction of the makeup items’ lids. MISS SWISS prevents friction of the makeup items’ lids as each makeup item is held in a holder preventing them from rubbing against each other or other items.

The case is 7.25 inches long 4.25 inches wide and 1.25 inches deep with a large acrylic mirror to help with makeup application.

MISS SWISS Product Review:

We received the MISS SWISS to review and at first, I was confused on why I would need something like this as it was a tad larger than I thought but there is a reason for this!

MISS SWISS is easy to get started with, just open the lid, remove the protective film from the mirror and  gently move holders to upright position. There are four holders within the case, small, medium, large and extra-large.

Next just insert corresponding sized makeup into each holder, gently pivot holders to original position, close lid, enjoy and mix and match makeup as needed. If you are curious which brands of makeup fit in each holder the MISS SWISS site has a great list of various sized cosmetics located here:

MISS SWISS has pivoting holders that allow makeup wearers an “extra hand” to hold the base of the makeup item while they apply their makeup. The mirror on the inside lid also allows makeup wearers to see where they are applying their makeup when they need it. 

After putting my makeup on the MISS SWISS, I realized why it’s a tad large as the size is needed to hold the various sized makeup in place.

I unfortunately some of the makeup I wear (like Fenty’s Match Sticks) did not fit in the holders however my mascara, eyeliner, and rollerball fit perfectly. I suppose this means I need to purchase more round makeup applicators.

MISS SWISS comes in Monaco Pink, Silhouette Black, Blue Hydrangea, Fiolet Purple, and Summertime Shandy Yellow. MISS SWISS retails for $30.00 and can be purchased here: