Introducing MABI Sustainable Swimwear that Gives Back

With Spring in full swing, summer is not that far away! MABI Swimwear is ready to give pure freshness and luminosity style to your summer look. The eco-conscious brand focuses on making sustainable swimwear that is sexy and timeless without losing your summer style. In fact, MABI styles are made with biodegradable fabric giving a luxurious feel, and sensual cuts and are made with love from Brazil.

Continuously researching, MABI swimwear strives to get the best eco-friendly materials of recycled plastic, organic cotton, and bamboo, which are not only better for the environment but also for the skin. These materials are often softer and more breathable than traditional swimwear fabrics, which can be harsh and uncomfortable to wear.

MABI Swimwear is designed with a focus on comfort and fit, which means it can enhance a woman’s natural curves and highlight her best features. With this swimwear line you can find sustainable features from the fabric choices to biodegradable tags, or includes colors created via natural dying and mineral salts. Flowers, roots, and seeds are the main components of the prints, while plants, spices, and vegetables provide the pigment. These dying and stamping processes are 100% authentically made in Brazil with local Brazilian materials and elements.


Inspired by nature, it has been conceived with a clear objective in mind: to create beautiful and unique garments rooted in a philosophy of respect for our planet and for those who protect it. MABI has created a collection made entirely from organic materials handmade.

A set of unique pieces that have their origin and their end in the forest. Every single detail that makes up Gaia, from the design to the labeling and packaging, has been crafted with a clear attitude of respect towards nature, because sustainable can also be sexy.

At MABI Swimwear they take the matter into their own hands. With Amazon at the heart of our sustainable mission: partnering with indigenous peoples offers one of the most socially responsible and highest-leverage opportunities to address the major drivers that impact the Amazon Rainforest.

Deforestation has devastating impacts on biodiversity, food security, and global heating. Better protection, expansion, and improved management of the world’s forests are considered by many experts as among the most promising nature-based solution. In this regard, the oft-repeated idea that indigenous peoples are the “guardians of the forest” is not trivial.  

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Source: MABI Swimwear