Infantium Victoria Launches World Premiere of Vegan Wool

Presented at the Future Fabrics Expo, Infantium Victoria, the Peta award-winning, vegan and sustainable fashion brand unveiled their WEGANOOL or so-called VEGAN WOOL as the first brand worldwide using the new fabric. You’ve heard of vegan-friendly yarn but WEGANOOL, manufactured by Faborg, is a new type of fabric that has the properties of wool but is made from 100% plant resources. Infantium Victoria has already used the fabric in its Fall Winter Collection 2021 “TRACES.”

The newly discovered fabric consists of 30% Calotropis and 70% organic cotton. Colatropis grows wildly at deserted lands with no water, no care, no pesticides. Production of vegan wool is mostly done by hand – it empowers women and helps rural economy in dry parts of the country where jobs are unsecured.

VEGAN WOOL is produced with zero waste. Once fibres are extracted, the concentrated and fermented leftovers from the plant are mixed with different Ayurvedic herbs and made into ARKA- a very efficient bio – nutrient and insect repellent.  


  • For growing, the VEGAN WOOL plant does not need human care, water, fertilisers or pesticides
  • Production of 1 kg of VEGAN WOOL yarn saves 9000 L of clean drinking water compared to 100% cotton yarn
  • ​Cultivating the VEGAN WOOL plant can convert dry, unusable terrain into profitable land for farmers​
  • ​Production of VEGAN WOOL helps rural economy in dry parts of the country where jobs are unsecured​
  • ​Fibre extraction from VEGAN WOOL plant produces valuable by product: highly effective bio-nutrient and insecticide that can replace chemical fertilizers and pesticides
  • Scientific research confirmed that these fabrics have antimicrobial properties against most common skin disease created by staph bacteria
  • ​No waste is produced during the production
  • ​VEGAN WOOL fabrics are sustainable at every stage of their life cycle – from production and processing to ultimate disposal
  • ​The fabrics out of VEGAN WOOL cellulose fibres do not shrink with every wash and are generally easier to maintain than protein-based wool fabrics
  • ​VEGAN WOOL if 100% plant-based hence friendly to the animals

Vegan Wool was discovered only a few months ago and as stated above Infantium Victoria has already used the fabric in its Fall Winter Collection 2021 “TRACES.” Dinie van den Heuvel, creative director of Infantium Victoria is a is an expert and highly respected speaker and university lecturer in Belgium, Austria, Italy, France, and Germany.

In her collections, Dinie van den Heuvel experiments with different textures of organic cotton and rare and innovative plant-based materials such as Pinatex, Rami, Lotus fibers, seaweed, cork, all of which support a sustainable and vegan approach to fashion.

For more information about Infantium Victoria please visit: You can find more information on VEGAN WOOL on the Webpage of the Manufacturer and inventor


Source:, Faborg