iFLY Austin Launches First-Of-Its-Kind Virtual Reality Application in Locations Across The Nation

Recently iFLY, the world’s largest indoor skydiving operator based in Austin, launched their new first-of-its-kind virtual reality experience as part of their flight offerings. Customers will experience near-real-life skydiving sights at exotic destinations around the world without jumping out of an airplane.

The iFLY Virtual Reality Flight Experience is available at twenty-seven iFLY “tunnels” across the United States and the experience features a free fall from 13,000 feet again without jumping out of a plane. Fliers will feel the experience of jumping from a plane through a hyper-realistic free-falling experience, with complete immersion via iFLY’s state-of-the-art VR helmet and headset. The iFLY Virtual Reality Flight Experience utilizes first-of-its-kind virtual reality technology application, powered by Samsung Gear VR headsets and iFLY’s wind tunnel technology.

The iFLY experience last roughly 1.5 – 2 hours and is equivalent to 1.5 skydives. Customers have the option to purchase 2+ flights. The iFLY Virtual Reality Flight Experience is available to individuals’ ages eight and up. The basic first-time flyer package starts at $59.95. Flight packages vary in cost at iFLY based upon the number of flyers, whether you have flown before and how much time you fly. The customer can add VR onto select flight packages starting from $20. Their flight packages can be found using their flight booking tool. Note: Per iFly policy, all participating fliers must first complete iFLY’s pre-flight training course and participate in several training flights before jumping into VR.

They have asked me to come check out their Austin location iFLY Virtual Reality Flight Experience so stay tuned for future review later this summer! For more information and scheduling at local tunnels please visit: https://www.iflyworld.com/programs/virtual-reality/.

About iFly:

Austin-based iFLY Holdings, LLC is the world leader in design, manufacturing, sales and operations of wind tunnel systems for indoor skydiving. Under the brand names iFLY and Skyventure, the Company has flown more than 9,000,000 people in a dozen countries since launching the modern vertical wind tunnel industry in 1998. iFLY has more than 70 facilities operating, 15 currently in construction and another 20 planned to start construction before the end of 2018. iFLY supports and utilizes the safety and training rules set out by the International Body Flight Association (IBA) to ensure safety and progression of the sport of indoor skydiving. For more information on iFLY, visit www.iflyworld.com or follow them on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.


Source: iFly