Hexgaming Announces New HEX RIVAL Pro Controller for PS5

HexGaming, the high-performance customizable controller brand for esports, today announced its latest controller, the HEX RIVAL Pro for PS5. Using authentic PS5 controllers customized specifically for tactical eSports gamers, the HEX RIVAL Pro controller for PS5 is the ultimate, fully modular video game controller.

The HEX RIVAL Pro controller is the most comfortable eSports controller available featuring an ergonomic layout that allows gamers to play for long periods of time. Made with an innovative modular design, users can switch components in and out to fit their hands to adapt to different playing styles and specific games, while increasing control for optimal performance.

 Hexgaming HEX RIVAL Pro Key features Include:

  • Interchangeable thumbsticks, play wired or wireless, switch thumbsticks in seconds, and remappable rear buttons configurations on the fly.
  • Players can activate the remap program during the game and assign a maximum 15 buttons (X, O, Triangle, Square, Up, Down, Left, Right, L1, L2, R1, R2, L3, R3, Touchpad ) to the rear buttons.
  • 6-in-1 interchangeable thumbsticks, 3 different heights, 2 different ergonomic thumb grip design, domed or concave. Gamers can operate the controller flexibly, capture targets faster and improve accuracy.

 “With the highly engineered Hex Rival Pro controller, the standard for top-notch gameplay has been elevated,” said Ray Zhu, CEO of HexGaming.  “Gamers of all skill levels will improve their eSports skills and results with the Hex Rival Pro, as the amazing controls and impressive feedback can make the difference between victory and defeat.” 

With the addition of the HEX Rival Pro to its lineup, Hex Gaming now has the industry’s most impressive line-up of eSports controllers including the Rival controller and the Ultimate controller. All Hex Gaming controllers can be found here: https://www.hexgaming.com/

The HEX RIVAL Pro package comes complete with the RIVAL PRO Controller, 6 in 1 interchangeable thumbsticks, user manual and after-sales service card. Please note, the controller doesn’t come with cables or any other accessories.

The HEX RIVAL Pro is available starting today at HexGaming.com and at https://www.amazon.com/hexgaming starting at $199.99. 


HexGaming is an offshoot company of ExtremeRate Limited. eXtremeRate has nearly ten years of experience in customized gamepads and has leveraged its experience in innovative custom solutions to give gamers an entirely new brand for creating their controller, HexGaming. HexGaming provides prebuilt customized esports controllers for gamers to peak performance.

To enhance the gaming experience and elevate the game, HexGaming offers a variety of styles and functional customization such as front and back shell, thumbsticks interchangeable area, trigger control mechanism, ergonomic back buttons, etc. Using the HEXGAMING controller allows gamers to compete like a gaming pro. More information is available at www.HexGaming.com.

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Source: Hexgaming