GWD Bio-Intelligence Announces Their New HiiDii Smart Glasses

Today, GWD Bio-Intelligence (GWDBI) just launched its first-of-its-kind hands-free pair of glasses, the HiiDii smart glasses, on Kickstarter. The innovative smart glasses allow users to multi-task across their devices without ever touching a screen. Every app, document and chat service can be opened at a glance, alleviating of device switching. Users can even answer their phones without reaching for it.

While wearing the HiiDii smart glasses, it takes a combination of blink-detection and gyroscope technologies to enable users to control devices just with eye and head movements. Simply press and hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on. Once connected, click start on the app to start using it.

To click on something while wearing glasses blick once to click, blink twice in less than a second to drag, then blink again to release. Please note, users need to make sure to download the HiiDii smart app for your Android tablet or phone to get started.

The HiiDii glasses are Bluetooth enabled for efficient integration with your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Simply place the glasses on your head, adjust the ear hooks for comfort and you’re ready to go. By pairing your devices with HiiDii’s Bluetooth connection, you get convenient hands-free control within a range of 30 ft / 10 m.

The smart glasses have 10-hour battery life and works with Windows, Mac OS and Android which only requires a one-hour charge.

The HiiDii glasses are available with anti-blue and prescription lenses, as well as a sunglass lens to accommodate any user at any time.

With the HiiDii’s adjustable ear hooks and ergonomic nose pads, users can find a perfect fit. The smart glasses frames come in black or white for extra personalization.

The HiiDii glasses are now available through the Kickstarter pre-sale, and they will ship in March 2020. Backers can purchase frame-only glasses for $80 and frames with lenses for $100 during the Kickstarter campaign, a savings of 60% off MSRP. After the campaign ends, frames will retail for $189 and frames with lenses will be $259.

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Source: GWDBI, Kickstarter