Franky Baca Introduces New Collection Featuring Unisex Pieces

Franky Baca, a Bay Area self-taught fashion designer known for creating and designing products since childhood, has launched his newest 2020 collection. As part of the new collection, many of his pieces are unisex, which gives a whole new meaning to wearing your boyfriend’s sweater or lending your ‘boyfriend jeans’ to your boyfriend. With this new collection, Franky is opening up fashion to everyone, without preconceived labels.

Using out-of-the-box materials, futuristic and historic silhouettes, his apparel encompasses bold uniqueness, using innovative designs created for the inner artist, risk-taker, leader, and lover.

“My goal in creation is for the customer to question why something is strange, and why is something still beautiful to them. I want to challenge them to what they knew about beauty,” said designer Franky Baca “I always wanted to design clothing and loved fashion but I was hesitant because I didn’t want to design for others. I thought it took away from my individuality, I was selfish. I realized I could never be them and they could never be me, and I knew I wanted to move forward. We need to inspire people any chance we get”

Per Franky, he believes “being first isn’t enough” real artists must provide an improvement that is enjoyable and of the highest quality.  His products are born from feeling and not by trend or season. Franky’s first collection was released in 2014 , his Season 1 collection was picked up by two stores– 3G and What’s on First the following year.

Franky has been featured in the SF Charity Fashion Show in 2017 and currently resides in LA. His recent successes include the 2019 Blushcon Fashion Designer, 2019 “YFF” Soulaire Music Video Stylist, and 2019 Fite Brand Interview inspiring other new designers! 2020 Franky has marketed his brand and they have grown his social platforms tremendously.

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Source: Franky Baca