Fireplay, PRG, and Clair Global Collaborate to Launch Virtual Crowd for Artists, Speakers and Performers

This week, Fireplay, a collaborative multidisciplinary design studio, in partnership with Production Resource Group (PRG), a leading provider of entertainment and event technology solutions, and Clair Global, a tech company that specializes in live production services and integrated technology installations, launched Virtual Crowd. Virtual Crowd is the most advanced, fully customizable, and scalable multimedia technology that allows artists, speakers, and performers to interact with their fans, employees, or clients in real-time while showcasing high-quality production value and design within the online and hybrid experiences. 

One may ask how this is different from other platforms also launched recently. Virtual Crowd offers a unique, creative, and flexible solution, allowing performers or speakers to see and interact with their audience on large video screens. Meanwhile, fans experience a live and interactive performance with professional production value and can interact directly with the performer. The aesthetics are customizable in order to suit any event, brand, or business environment — from concerts, e-sports, and TV shows to business meetings and conferences. 

One of the most unique visual features of Virtual Crowd is Interview Mode, which allows the client or production team to choose one or two guests and interact with them directly. Whether it’s an interaction between a lucky fan and a performer, a journalist asking a question at a digital press conference, a remote emcee or a thought leader stepping up to deliver a keynote at a virtual conference, Interview Mode offers an easy way to interact and create memorable moments. 

In addition – powered by Clair Global’s Virtual Live Audience proprietary platform – Virtual Crowd delivers minimal latency, ensuring that viewers are seeing the live action with no visible delays. Logging in and logging on is a snap for participants, and a robust Moderation Mode ensures that moderators have full control of who participates in the event, as well as how they interact. 

The COVID-19 pandemic presents a host of challenges for those in entertainment and business and has devastated the industry that supports live events. However, Virtual Crowd provides a vehicle for entertainment and events to be enjoyed again.

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Source: Virtual Crowd, Fireplay, PRG, Clair Global