Drone Rodeo 2017 – Aerodrome Unveiled Build-Out Design and Vision for World’s First Droneport


 While at CES I attended the 2017’s Drone Rodeo Event at the Eldorado Droneport, the world’s first commercial droneport located in Boulder City, Nevada. The 50-acre Eldorado Droneport, is joint development project between The Aerodrome and the City of Boulder City. It is approximately 28 miles from the Las Vegas Strip on one of only six FAA-appointed unmanned air systems (UAS) test sites in the country. The newly released plan includes the vision for the permanent droneport facilities and office space, as well as build-to-suit pads that will be available for lease. The Eldorado Droneport is being jointly developed by Boulder City, which provided the land.

We started our journey to the Drone Rodeo from the Vegas strip to the ELDORADO droneport. As we pulled into the droneport you could already see at 5 least 5 various drones in the say. This year’s Drone Rodeo welcomed new DJI Enterprise Dealer Rocky Mountain Unmanned Systems, RC Logger, UVify, Vantage Robotics, Power Up Toys and Avegant to the roster of exhibitors.

The product I liked and got a demo for was the Epson’s AR Smart Glasses Solutions for piloting unmanned aerial vehicles. Now drone pilots can see crystal clear, transparent first person views from the idrone camera while simultaneously maintaining their line of sight with their aircraft. I tried on the smart glasses on during the demo and it was pretty cool plus they didn’t look that bad on.

The Epson Moverio BT-300 Smart glasses represent the world’s lightest binocular, transparent smart glasses with an OLED display. For more information about the Epson Smart Glasses click here.

All and all the Drone Rodeo was a great experience and there were so many different types out there. Below is more information about getting a licensee to fly a commercial drone and click here for more information about the Drone Rodeo.

The droneport, is currently open to the public but privately operated, offers training for UAS; provides FAA repairman and pilot certification and testing; and offers a variety of other educational, research and development services. E-learning programs are currently taught from the Aerodrome campus in Henderson, Nev. Note of you want to use your drone for commercial use, then you will need to become an FAA Certificated Remote Pilot.  On August 29, 2016, the FAA Part 107 regulations became effective., This regulation  establishes  requirements for the person flying an unmanned aircraft or drone to have specific knowledge related to airspace, weather, charts, pre/post flight planning, maintenance and more.  To test your knowledge and qualify you for a pilot’s certificate you must pass a 60 question multiple-choice type examination.