CES 2020 Recap: 1MORE vs HELM Audio at Pepcom’s Digital Experience!

Digital Experience! is Pepcom’s largest media event, held every January on the evening before the CES opens. Like Pepcom’s other showcases, it is a demo event, giving more than 1,000 media a look at your products. While at the Digital Experience! by Pepcom there were two audio companies, 1MORE and HELM Audio, that I worked with in 2019 that have a bit of a friendly competition due to the similarity of products launched. 1MORE launched True Wireless in-Ear ANC headphones at CES while HELM Audio Electrostatic True Wireless in-ear monitors.  Ironically these brands booths were close to each other, which made for even more friendly tension, and easy for me to visit both! Below is info about the two different True Wireless headphones recently launched by both companies.  


1MORE, the most awarded globally distributed premium audio company at CES for the past three year, announced its new True Wireless ANC In-Ear headphones at CES. The headphones feature dual drivers for superior sound quality, two levels of active noise cancelation, pass-through mode and a wireless charging option. As the first true wireless headphones pending THX Certification, these earbuds continue to uphold 1MORE’s commitment to consumers by providing affordable luxury audio products.

Tyler from 1MORE, whom I met during 1MORE Triple Driver THX® Certified Headphones Experience at Aerosmith’s “Dueces Are Wild” Residency, gave me a great first-hand demo of the True Wireless ANC In-Ear headphones at CES.

 As 1MORE’s third product pending THX Certification and the first such true wireless headphone, the True Wireless ANC headphones offer users an entertainment experience catered to match their needs and preferences and with the THX seal of quality.

The 1MORE True Wireless ANC headphones are available now to pre-order on 1MORE.com for $199.99 MSRP, and all who pre-order will also receive a free charging pad to take advantage of the product’s wireless charging capabilities (US only).


HELM Audio, the only headphone brand to win 4 awards in one category at CES 2020, launched their HELM Audio Electrostatic True Wireless in-ear monitors. The HELM Audio Electrostatic True Wireless in-ear monitors are the world’s first high-end electrostatic audio technology in a truly wireless configuration. Electrostatic speakers are frequently considered as the most transparent, natural and detailed sound reproduction possible.

Powered by the Qualcomm QCC chipset the HELM Audio Electrostatic features a Dual Driver hybrid configuration that delivers not only the most advanced sound reproduction but produces the deep bass that the market expects. The HELM Audio Electrostatic True Wireless earphones also feature Beamforming mics with ANC technology, auto charging, auto-pairing, low latency and AptX + AAC Bluetooth codecs to match the latest smartphones.

HELM’s winning products include the HELM Boost Cable, powered by THX Achromatic Audio Amplifier (THX AAA™) technology ($99.99), the HELM Triple Driver True Wireless Headphones ($99.99), the HELM MQA Adapter ($XXX) and the HELM Electrostatic Hybrid True Wireless earbuds ($149.99). The Boost cable and Triple Driver True Wireless are available now on Amazon or Helm’s website at https://helmaudio.com/. The MQA Adapter and HELM Audio Electrostatic True Wireless in-ear monitors will be available later in Q4.

Both 1MORE and HELM are great audio companies with competing THX products to check out. Though I may seem more bias toward 1MORE since I have worked with them more in the last 7 months, I have received HELM’s Triple Driver True Wireless 5.0 Headphones to review. Please check back over the next couple weeks on Hi-Tech Chic!

It would be cool if both 1MORE and HELM sent me these to review to do a comparison! To check out my previous review of 1MORE’s Triple Driver headphones while at Aerosmith’s Dueces Are Wild Tour please visit: https://www.hi-techchic.com/the-1more-triple-driver-thx-certified-headphones-experience-at-aerosmiths-dueces-are-wild-residency/.


Source: 1MORE, HELM