Censorship Gone Bad: The Legalize V Campaign

say-it-logoToday I got an email in regards to legalizing the “V” word (i.e. VAGINA) and ending the censorship of using the word “VAGINA” from LegalizeV.com. In April an 8th grade teacher was fired for using the correct term of female anatomy, VAGINA. I find this absurd since I recall having to watch sex education videos and attended sex education classes in school throughout middle school. I’m sure they used VAGINA in the videos and classes if not there would be a ton of woman walking around confused about their lady parts.

How would the “Birds and the Bees” talk go without using VAGINA? They fit together like a puzzle? Well that’s confusing! Food for thought 51% of the population of our planet is made of women who have VAGINAS yet censorship still has a strong handle on how it is used on TV, Movies, Commercials, Radio and some Social Media outlets.

While reading the Slate article “Since When Can You Say Vagina on TV?” I learned some interesting facts on using the word VAGINA correctly on TV. Per Slate’s article, “As long as a word isn’t used to titillate and doesn’t describe sex or excretory acts in explicit detail, it is not considered “indecent.” Anatomically correct terms, which aren’t exactly sexy, mostly fall outside this category. The agency that regulates TV and radio broadcasters, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), has never fined TV broadcasters for using anatomically correct terms for genitalia, and has only seldom fined radio broadcasters.” This is ridiculous considering there are far worse words being used on TV, Movies, Commercials and Radio.

There needs to be a change and the team at LegalizeV.com are banding together to create a movement – the “Legalize Vagina” movement. LegalizeV.com’s main goal is to give everyone the freedom and power to say the word Vagina (or when appropriate vulva). Legalize V’s movement is made up of women, men, companies, health care professionals, educators, and brands that are committed to destigmatize the word Vagina.

Join me today and speak out about using the word “VAGINA” without being censored or frowned upon. To join the movement see the below list of encouraged requirements. Also click here to sign the petition and click here for more information on the “Legalize V” movement. If your scroll down a bit you will also see my saying VAGINA video. vagina

Without further ado here is my saying Vagina video…ENJOY!