Bullock Museum’s Evolution of Electronic Gaming Exhibit Grand Opening

The Bullock Museum just opened their new exhibit from Pong to Pokémon; the Evolution of Electronic Gaming. I attended the grand opening of the exhibit over the weekend and was blown away on how many nostalgic video games and accessories they had on display.

When I checked in I was told the exhibit on the third floor. In what world is it up three floors? We felt like we were climbing Mount Everest! When we finally made it to the exhibit we quickly went into one of the rooms within the exhibit. In the room there were a variety old and new gaming consoles that you can play.

Outside the room there were displays of PCs and accessories like the Nintendo Duck Hunt gun, for example.Around the museum’s 3rd floor were stations of games you could play that included:

  • Minecraft
  • Zork
  • The Oregon Trail
  • Pong, Madden 95
  • Super Mario Bros
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 2

There were a few others on display but by the time I got to those the museum was crowded with kids.

Also this year, the Bullock Museum will feature special exhibitions that examine Texas music icon Stevie Ray Vaughan, the phenomenon of music festivals such as Woodstock, and the lives of those intertwined in the domestic slave trade.

While at the Bullock Museum viewing the new from Pong to Pokémon Evolution of Electronic Gaming exhibit below is a nice list of other attractions and activities you can do while at the Bullock Museum.

What to See and Do at the Bullock:

  • Exhibitions – See new artifacts and special exhibitions all year
  • H-E-B Free First Sundays
  • Feature Films – See new Hollywood films every month
  • Texas Artist Series – Experience the intersection of history and the arts
  • B Movies & Bad History – View the best (and worst) Texas-centric movies
  • High Noon Talks – Explore Texas history through lectures and discussions
  • Artifacts – Learn about Texas history through artifacts
  • Texas Focus Films – Watch monthly films about Texas with special guests
  • Music Under the Star – Enjoy free outdoor concerts in July
  • World Refugee Day – A cultural celebration with our newest Texas citizens
  • American Indian Heritage Day – Celebrate Texas’ American Indian communities
  • Spooktacular – Spooky science for the whole family
  • Blue Star Museums – Free admission all summer for active military
  • Science Thursdays – Discover the science of the Story of Texas
  • Holiday Sale at the Bullock Museum Store – Members receive deep discounts on gifts

I had fun at the from Pong to Pokémon; the Evolution of Electronic Gaming’s grand opening of the exhibit. My personal favorite of the exhibit was the Super Mario Bros station. It’s an oldie but goody!

For more information about the Bullock Museum or buy tickets click here


Source: Bullock Museum