Bartesian: The Ultimate Home Cocktail Maker

The much-anticipated home cocktail machine, Bartesian, is now available to purchase for only $299.99 for a limited time. Bartesian allows you to create cocktails at home without complicated recipes or multiple ingredients. In fact, everything you need is inside the capsule and you need to do is add the basic spirits like vodka, rum, gin or tequila.

How it works:

  • Insert Cocktail Capsule: Once a capsule is inserted, Bartesian instantly identifies your cocktail selection, which spirit will be automatically drawn, and even suggests glassware.
  • Select Strength + Press Mix: User-friendly touch screen allows you to select your strength, from mocktail to double.
  • Creates Cocktail In Seconds: Bartesian dispenses your authentic, customized cocktail in seconds.

Bartesian Capsules 6 Pack Options: (Please note: Capsules do not contain alcohol.)


This pack contains 1 each of: Whisky Sour, Rum Breeze, Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Uptown Rocks, and Sex on the Beach.

RUM BREEZE: Price$14.99

Bartesian’s most popular signature cocktail, an exciting and flavorful fusion of strawberry, pineapple and citrus juices with a hint of coconut. Base spirit: Rum.

OLD FASHIONED: Price $14.99

This quintessential cocktail is known for its balance of bitter, sweet, and spirit with an added hint of orange peel. Base spirit: whiskey.

GIN MARTINI: Price$14.99

Enjoy this classic combo of gin and dry vermouth, shaken not stirred. Base spirit: gin.

MARGARITA: Price $14.99

Classic delicious blend of tequila, lemon and lime juices with orange liqueur notes. Base spirit: tequila.


A popular, thirst-quenching, multi-spirited party favorite featuring triple sec citrus and a splash of cola. Base spirits: rum, tequila, and vodka.

COSMOPOLITAN: Price $14.99

A worldly favorite sophisticated martini mix of vodka, lime, cranberry and the sweetness of orange. Base spirit: vodka.

SEX ON THE BEACH: Price $14.99

Enjoy the peach, banana, pineapple, cranberry and lemon juices of this favorite. Base spirit: Vodka

UPTOWN ROCKS: Price $14.99

Bartesian signature cocktail. Sophisticated gin drink featuring peach and lemon juices with a cilantro kick. Base spirit: Gin.

WHISKEY SOUR: Price $14.99

Everyone loves the notes of vanilla combined with lemon and orange of this masterpiece. Base spirit: whiskey.

The above are all now available to purchase however they do have new cocktail capsules coming in January 2020. To shop all capsules please visit:

Bartesian Product Specifications Include:

  • Premium glass bottles: 5 premium glass that comfortably holds 26-oz liquids
  • Care: Automatic rinse cycle, wash exterior with a damp cloth, bottles are dishwasher safe
  • Dimensions: 12.5”x12.75”x12.25” 

As stated above the Bartesian is on sale for $299.99 for a limited time on their site. To order the Bartesian please visit:


Source: Bartesian