AtmosFX’s Digital Decorations and Hoppy the Easter Bunny

Decorating for holidays is fun but also a mess to clean up after the holiday passes. I’ve had a Christmas tree up well pass the New Year for that very reason and also dreading having to clean up. If you are like me and love to decorate for the holidays but do not like the mess Digital Decorations may be your solution.

What are Digital Decorations?

Digital decorations are digital videos that you can either download from your PC or from a DVD and display videos using a projector or TV.

How do I use AtmosFX Digital Decorations®?

  • Purchase our bundled decorations on DVD or download our decorations as individual or bundled zip files.
  • Use a computer or DVD player to display decorations on a TV or project onto any surface with a projector.
  • Display the decorations on the TV, windows, walls and more.

AtmosFX Digital Decorations® come in 3 different catagories:

AtmosFEARfx focuses on Halloween. There are 15 AtmosFEARfx Digital Decorations to choose from, ranging from scary to family-friendly.

AtmosCHEERfx focuses on the winter holidays, and the many other festive celebrations millions of people enjoy throughout the year. There are 8 lighthearted AtmosCHEERfx Digital Decorations to choose from.

AtmosGEAR are decoration boosters, products intended to enhance any digital decoration experience.

New this year to AtmosFX Digital Decorations® images line up is “Hoppy The Easter Bunny,” the first-ever Hologram-like bunny!

What Does Hoppy the Easter Bunny Do?

He hops, paints eggs, grows flowers, and even preforms magic tricks. He’s the newest digital home decoration from AtmosFX Digital Decorations®.

How Does Hoppy Come To Life?

Hoppy’s animated loop-able scenes can be projected onto walls, screens, and special hollusion material that makes it look like Hoppy is standing anywhere in your home. Hoppy can also be displayed on TVs and screens or projected on walls.

Where Can I Get Hoppy?

Hoppy is available exclusively from the digital decorating company, AtmosFX Digital Decorations®.

Digital Decorating is an innovative way to decorate for the holidays or for special occasions with out the mess. It also makes you look like an early adopter of digital decorating technology! AtmosFX Digital Decorations® has a great selection of images to fit a variety of special occasion or holiday needs. To learn more or to purchase digital decorations from AtmosFX Digital Decorations® click here.