Adidas Collaborates with Daniel Patrick on Baseball Collection Launching Tonight

Adidas, the global sportswear and workout brand, has partnered with Daniel Patrick, former athlete and now fashion designer, on new Baseball collaboration. The limited pieces will be available on and 7pm Est today and consist of a jersey in two colorways, a tee, shorts and a pair of tights.

Often pulling inspiration from his athletic background into his clothing line, Daniel Patrick grew up playing sports. During NYFW, Daniel Patrick recently launched a collaboration with New York Red Bulls and when the chance to expand into baseball came about Daniel jumped at the opportunity.

“For me, I love expanding into new territories and new opportunities…I played baseball as a kid so I have an affinity for it and I appreciate the style perspective of the sport,” says Patrick.

The new collection was created keeping baseball in mind while at the same time offering something classic yet new. When creating the designs coming out of the pandemic, Daniel Patrick wanted to create something that felt like a celebration which is where the tie dye comes into play.

“We wanted a modern take on baseball that is elevated with cues taken from 90s baseball nostalgia… whether you play baseball or not you can still wear it. It is streetwear with a performance aspect to it,” states Patrick.

Pieces are available on with limited pieces launching 7pm est on

About Daniel Patrick

Founder, Daniel Patrick moved to the US in 2011 and launched his luxury sportswear brand with his wife Jenny in 2012. From following his father’s footsteps and playing rugby he eventually made the switch to pursue fashion. Daniel Patrick pulls together inspiration from his favorite cities, LA and NY, while combining his athletic background with a minimal appeal. Over the years he has grown a strong fanbase of athletes and celebs such as Jimmy Butler, Justin Bieber, Josh Duhamel, Landon Barker, Terrance Mann, Zack Lugo and more.


Source: Adidas, Daniel Patrick