2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Kid’s Edition

Holiday shopping for kids can be fun and overwhelming all at once with the constant evolution of technology and consumer goods. In our Kid’s Holiday gift guide, we combined gifts that can be great learning tools and also some entertaining gifts, a win-win!

Reversible Plushies

The Reversible Plushies, are the patented, original mood plushie and come in a variety of designs and colors. The Reversible Cat Plushmate is the adorable plushies that hold hands! These plush toys have magnetic hands that make them cuter than ever! They hold hands when they’re flipped to the happy side, but not when they’re flipped to the angry side! Reversible Unicorn Plushie  is an adorable reversible unicorn plushie that shows your mood without saying a word. The Reversible Turtle Plushie is available in eight designs with a different special pattern on the shell to depict your mood! All are for ages 3+ and on sale for only $12. To shop please visit: https://toys.teeturtle.com/collections/all-plushies.

Piggy Paint Scented Nail Polish Gift Sets

Piggy Paint is great as a kid’s stock stuffer gets – it’s a line of adorable water-based nail polish for kids is made from the safest ingredients and puts a rainbow of colors (AND scents!) at kids’ fingertips! Plus it is non-toxic, non-flammable, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, vegan, and proudly made in the U.S.A. Their gift bundles are $19 for a 4 pack of polish and can be purchased here.


A new kind of stuffed animal! They are equipped with buttons that secure directly on their custom-designed clothing pockets making them impossible to lose. All apparel is produced with soft cotton to ensure children’s comfort and happiness. Pockimals was imagined by friends who wanted to create the best children’s toy to enhance creativity and focus on the magic of childhood. Their goal is to make fun, comfortable, high-quality products for children. Made for little hands and big hearts. Pricing ranges from $12.99-$60 and is available here: https://pockimals.com/shop.

My Gnome on the Roam

Gnome on the Roam is an interactive story that encourages children’s creativity. Their very own customizable DIY gnome comes in an adorable suitcase along with his favorite things: a copy of My Gnome on the Roam award-winning book, a journal filled with blank pages waiting to be filled, and a magical wooden pen. Adventure and Creativity Kit starts at 29.97 and available here: https://mygnomeontheroam.com/shop-products/your-very-own-gnome.


Pinna, an audio-first children’s media company offering the first and ONLY ad-free, audio on-demand streaming service, expertly developed and carefully curated for kids 3-12. The platform delivers breakthrough, original audio programming including podcasts, music and audiobooks to help families come together through the power of audio. Plans included 3 months $23.99/ 6 month $47.99/ 1 year $79.99 and available here: https://pinna.fm/gifts. Lock in your first year of screen-free listening, laughing, and learning for only $2.99 a month! Use promo code BLACKFRIDAY21 at sign up.


Do you have a preschooler? Do you have an iPad? Marbotic innovation combines children’s screen time with education. Developed by an engineer working as a tutor, inspiring an idea to mesh high-quality toys with high-quality learning apps to make reading an engaging experience. Their wooden toys are charming and durable plus the easily downloadable apps make learning fun, motivating, and exciting. Price ranges from $29.99-$129.99 and can be found here: https://marbotic.com/.

My Fabulous Storyteller

My Fabulous Storyteller is screen-free and a great alternative to tablets. Children are able to craft their own stories by choosing a hero, an object, a location and more. My Fabulous Storyteller and matching Octave headphones have volume limits so you never have to worry about harm to ears or hearing. Octave headphones are comfortable, adjustable and foldable with a detachable cord. It also has a standard double jack lug to connect multiple headphones simultaneously on one device. My Fabulous Storyteller alone is $79.90 and available here: https://www.maisonette.com/product-new/my-fabulous-storyteller. Lunii Experience Pack w/ headphones is $109.90 here: https://www.maisonette.com/product-new/lunii-experience-pack.

myFirst Sketch Book

myFirst Sketch Book, is a portable smart drawing pad with instant digitization featuring a built-in memory to save your child’s masterpieces. This Sketch Book delivers a seamless experience to transfer your child’s work into a JPEG to your preferred devices by pairing it with myFirst Sketch book app. Available for $90.00 USD here: https://store.myfirst.tech/products/myfirst-sketch-book?variant=34691425894533.

Jooki Kid’s WiFi Speaker

Jooki is the world’s first screen-free Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled speaker for kids with streaming music and audio capabilities, Jooki uses innovative patented NFC ToyTouch® Technology that lets kids operate the speaker independently using figurines or tokens as a remote control. Kids can start, stop, and change Spotify playlists or MP3 files that are preset by parents with a few clicks on the Jooki app.

Jooki is priced at $112.99 (with free shipping) and includes the Jooki speaker, 2 Jooki tokens with playlists pre-programmed, and a charging cable at www.jooki.rocks.

myFirst Camera Insta Wi

myFirst Camera Insta Wi is a dual-lens 12MP digital camera with a front and rear selfie lens that is capable of inkless thermal instant printing in 10 seconds. Also, able to transfer photos wirelessly, and a dedicated mobile application for label editing/creation, and lastly, the cradle is provided to rest the device! It retails for $129.00 and can be found here: https://store.myfirst.tech/products/myfirst-camera-insta-wi?variant=39537057661061.

Little Big Play Room: Ball Pit + 200 Pit Balls Included

in fun colors and patterns with matching pit balls. Enjoy watching your kids have fun in their customized ball pit! Exclusive ball pits made for up to two kiddos, high-quality memory foam interior, and a soft plush washable cover is the perfect safe indoor playground for kids of all ages and sizes. The ball pit is lightweight and easily moveable from room to room for ultimate playtime. Retails for $250 here: https://littlebigplayroom.com/collections/bundles.


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