Tim Berners-Lee’s View on Donald Trump’s Internet Privacy Rollback

I am not one to get into politics or discuss politics on the regular until Trump took office. It’s not that I don’t like political discussions but I’ve seen a few discussion go sour quickly between friends with opposite views.

Like most of the general public that uses the internet I’m appalled of Trump’s repeal of U.S. broadband privacy rules. It truly feels like our privacy is being taken away which makes us feel more vulnerable. Continue Reading →

How Artificial Intelligence Could Have Predicted the Ivanka Trump Clothing Line Meltdown By: Carol Ozemhoya

I stumbled onto this article from Carol Ozemhoya and wanted to share it with you all as it’s very telling of the Ivanka Trump brand and its decline of popularity. Below is her full article and also the Press Release for Vector.

When someone is in the news as much as President Donald J. Trump, you’d think his daughter’s clothing line would gain popularity. But instead, it miserably failed, much, it seems, to the surprise of just about everyone, including its stockholders. The line, which was dropped by high-end retailer Nordstrom, followed by a reduction in promotions by TJ Maxx and Marshalls, is listed on the stock market as JWN. Continue Reading →