OhMidBod Club Vibe 3.OH Review

Did you know about half of the United States population uses sex toys? In fact the ‘Niche’ sex toy market grew to a $15,000,000,000 industry in 2016. OhMiBod is the creator of the original iPod® vibrator. The female-owned and operated company is driving the evolution of the pleasure industry with an expansive range of high quality, body-safe products that combine technology with sensuality. OhMiBod recently sent me the Club Vibe 3.OH vibrator to review and I must admit this will be my first review of a sex toy. I had no idea what to expect embarrassingly because I have never owned one before.

The OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH package includes:

  • Remote control wearable massager
  • Rechargable remote with a 20ft range
  • Black lace thong (OS – one size)
  • Privacy pouch
  • USB charging cable
  • Instruction manual

The specs for the OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH vibrator include:

  • Molded from premium grade hypoallergenic non-toxic, non-porous ABS plastic with PU coating for velvety finish.
  • Vibe: 3” length, 1 3 ⁄8” width, 0.5” depth
  • 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

The OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH has three different modes to choose from depending on your sexual preferences.

  • TEASE MODE Tap the button and give your partner a taste of what’s to come (hint: the longer the tap, the better the tease).
  • GROOVE MODE Find your groove with five pre-set pulsations. Better yet, let your partner find it for you.
  • CLUB MODE Vibe to everything from the music on the dance floor to your partner’s voice. This feature I thought to be the coolest since your partner’s voice makes it vibrate differently than the other two modes.

The OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH comes with a thong that has a secret pouch for the vibrator making it a wearable panty vibrator. The vibrator itself is made of body-safe silicone and Phthalate free. The remote control has a wireless range of up to 20ft (6m) and has 5 different buttons which include the 3 different modes, power and microphone. The remote’s LED buttons for the 3 modes indicates sensitivity by the brightness on the individual button.

The massager itself is pretty easy to start straight from unboxing it, just press the power button for 3 seconds then slip it in the sexy thongs that come with it and navigate your pleasure experience with the remote. It’s that simple! The OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH vibrator has a play time for up to 2 hours of pleasure for the ultimate climax. The remote control and massager have rechargeable batteries and comes with a USB charging cord compatible for both.

If you’re looking for some extra self-pleasure for the summer or extra pleasure in bed with your lover I strongly suggest to check out the OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH. It retails for Retails for $119 and can be purchased here.


Source: Forbes, OhMyBod Club Vibe 3.OH